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The Final Fantasy XII Tarot Project
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For fanart, fic, and icons based on the traditional tarot, centering on FFXII.
The FFXII Tarot Project is a collaborative fic, fanart, and icon challenge. For each card in the tarot deck, participants will produce the actual art for the card, a fanfic (of over 500 words), or an icon or series of icons. Participants may claim one card and one medium at a time, but may over time claim as many as they like until the deck is complete.

The cards are as follows:

The Fool - Vaan (heading off into the world)
The Magician - Balthier (with all his power and none of it his own)
The High Priestess - Fran (distant and calculating)
The Empress - Penelo (the force of gentle guidance)
The Emperor - Dr. Cid (masculine control)
The Hierophant - Larsa (conservative wisdom)
The Lovers - Ashe, Rasler, Basch (the emphasis being on Rasler's choice to go off to war or stay with his bride)
The Chariot - Venat (inception)
Justice - Drace (blind to all but evidence)
The Hermit - Basch (holding the lantern for those who will follow)
Wheel of Fortune - Ghis (setting the plot in motion)
Strength - Ashe (resistance)
The Hanged Man - Vossler (caught at a crossroad)
Death - Reddas (having decided)
Temperance - Zargabaath (making the most of a difficult situation)
The Devil - Vayne (knowing what is best)
The Tower - The Pharos (collapsing)
The Star - Al-Cid (the clear eyes of the outsider)
The Moon - Bergan (deceived and deceiving)
The Sun - Reks (the bright springtime of life)
Judgment - Gabranth (the sum of this life's decisions)
The World - The Strahl (attained)

Swords remain Swords, or any manner of weapon
Wands remain Wands, or spells, or motes
Cups become Potions, or ethers, or suchlike
Pentacles become Stones, namely Magicite

To sign up, and for more information, see the claiming post.

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